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Our Background

Pronunciation: 'tamu`rak

(1) medium-sized tree of the larch family, found in Canada and northern United States including Alaska having a broad conic crown and rust-brown scaly bark.
(2) US Earthen Ring guild with a reputation for stability, generosity, honorable behavior, top notch gameplay and dependability.

Who are we?
Our group was originally formed around a core of adult game players in the Atlanta area that regularly gathered to play RPGs, miniature games, console games and LAN parties. This group, along with 3 others, signed the charter to form the guild, taking our name partially from the neighborhood where the founding group frequently met. We formed the very first hours of this server, were the first alliance guild with tabards, and quickly grew to be the largest alliance guild before we cut off all recruiting and worked to stabilize our numbers at a comfortable medium level. After three years of hard work and devotion, the original guild masters, Kelkasha and Thoron, stepped down to pursue something called "real life" and in February of 2008 Ynari, who was one of the three additional people to sign the guild charter, took over the mantle of leadership.

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