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Who We Are - a brief description of the Tamarack Order

The Tamarack Order is a noble and honorable guild that protects the free peoples of Azeroth from the ravages of the wild and the predations of the Burning Legion. We are dedicated to supporting one another through force of arms and provision of equipment and goods, the Order stands united in all ways. Seek us out if you need assistance; flee from us if you provoke harm.

What makes us different
Our strength is stability, consistency, strong leadership with a long-term vision, and the determination to build and support a strong community of friends. This is what has lead us to be the oldest Alliance guild on Earthen Ring.

We are first and foremost a close-knit group that helps one another enjoy this wonderful game as much as we can. The emphasis in our 'culture' is on generosity, mature behavior, support, and friendship. There is no place in our midst for selfishness or poor manners, and such behavior is stringently weeded out. We have built this strong environment through selective recruiting, a supportive mentoring program, and hard-working officers and members who go the extra mile to help members of all level, class, or race. We do not recruit players based on what characters they play, or even how good they are at the game, but based on their attitude, friendliness, and how much fun we all have together. Through our mutual support and the guidance of our strong raid leaders, any player can develop to whatever point he or she wishes and is given equal opportunity to participate and grow.

But what about gaming?
We tackle it all; variety is the spice of life and we support and encourage our members to partake in everything this virtual world has to offer. Many members are active in role playing, whether in guild chat, role played as the Guild Hall, or in other situations. We are a casual raiding guild. Our goal is to see end content but at a pace that does not turn raiding into second job. Raiding achievements with our family and friends, and the fun that it brings, by far out weighs any race to be the first to conquer an encounter. We enjoy honorable PvP combat opportunities, including arranged meets with like-minded horde players and guilds while avoiding and speaking out against dishonorable PvP conduct. We have active crafters with artisan level masters for every profession the game has to offer, and we have many members who take on mentoring and supporting roles for questing and exploring. If an activity can be done in World of Warcraft, we're involved in it.

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