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As the Tree Turns

May 8, 2014 Edition

As we come to the end of Children’s Week, I hope that you have all enjoyed your time with your orphans, and that you have gotten your achievements. Many of you were frustrated with the PVP portion of the quests; however, I have it on good authority that you have banded your frustration together so to speak and have begun working together in groups. What a Tamarackian way of thinking! I know it has been a busy two weeks for some of us with the commencement of Noble Gardens and then Children’s week, I am sure our fearless leader is proud of all of you who have taken the initiative to participate in the world events. Sometimes you just have to take a step back from our noble cause and have a little fun!

Tamarack has a few new faces. Worgnspurlock (alt Puppy Breath), Abedar, Kiandro, Derfrix, Toxic (alt Worgasm), and Charliez are our newest initiates please make sure to give them a warm TO welcome! I have had the opportunity to speak to a few of them and they seem extremely excited to be here and feel like they in a guild with a sense of community. Although I am going to have to keep an eye on that Worgnspurlock fellow, something seems awry with him. He is super nice and very helpful; however, I will have to do more investigating before I can put my finger on what my gut is telling me just doesn’t seem right.

Speaking of juicy dirt, I just found out there is a secret mission in the land of all that is Blizzard. Their mission is to build two different motorized mounts and then from what I understand we are to vote on them and see which one we will keep. There are two teams, the first run by the Alliance, and the second run by the Horde. I cannot wait until we can see the finished product. To be honest, even though I do have a bit of disdain for the Horde, I personally am going to have to give each mount a fair shot. Do not be shy if you like the Horde mount better, vote Horde if you like the Alliance mount better vote Alliance. Remember, it will be what you will be using as a mount, choose the one you can see yourself charging in to dungeons and raids with.

I would also like to remind you all that the library for Tamarack is a great way to get to know your fellow guild mates, many of you have documented your history there and they are always fun to read when you are looking for a little down time after a grueling day of questing, dungeons or raids.

P.S. - Do not forget the Darkmoon Fair began on May 4 and will continue until May 11. Go and visit the faire and let off some steam!


April 28, 2014 Edition

Hello again folks! Amilliaera here and as always keeping you up-to-date with the happenings of Tamarack.

Ok so as many of you know we are in the middle of Noble Gardens week, some of you are seeking the achievement of collecting all of the required loot and gaining the ever sought
after title of “The Noble” I wish you all the best of luck in that endeavor. Many of you who are seeking achievements know that there is a bit of preparation for some of the achievements. Children’s Week is just one of those achievements. If you like to be prepared here is a grocery list of items that you can gather and store in your bags until the time is right.
- Tigule and Farar’s Strawberry Ice Cream
- Tasty Cupcake
- Red Velvet Cupcake
- Lovely Cake Slice
- Dalaran Brownie
- Dalaran Donut

Some of these items you can cook yourself others will have to be purchased from vendors in Dalaran and Stormwind. Below you will find a breakdown of all the quests you must complete to earn the achievement. Don’t forget to adopt all three orphans for the week, they can be found in Stormwind, Shattrath and Dalaran and complete their daily quests.


Go to the orphanage in Shattrath to begin this quest chain. Click on an orphan and “adopt” it.

Home Alone Use Hearthstone while your orphan is with you.
Doesn’t matter where it is set to you just have to have the orphan with you when you use it.

Bad Example Remember all the lovely eats you have saved (or will go gather) now you need to eat these items right in front of your orphan.
That is right no sharing with them.

Daily Chores Complete 5 daily quests with your orphan.
Again it doesn’t matter where you do these dailies they just have to be done in the orphan’s presence.

Awe Isn’t it Cute Obtain one of the children’s week pets rewards from questing.
This quest is given by your orphan.

School of Hard Knox In the Battlegrounds you must do the following:
Capture the flag in the Eye of a Storm
Assault a tower in Alterac Valley
Assault a Flag in Arathi Basin
Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch
- This is done in PVP Queue.

Hail to the King, Baby Defeat Utgarde Pinnacle with your orphan out.
Specifically defeat King Ymiron

Veteran Nanny Acquire Egbert’s Egg, Sleepy Willy and Elekk Training Collar on one character.
This achievement is not required for the Meta Achievement


Complete Randis's quests, then return the Human Orphan to the Matron in Stormwind and you will be given your choice of one from the following cute pets:
Piglet's Collar
Rat Cage
Turtle Box

Complete Dornaa's quests, then return the Draenei Orphan the Matron in Shattrath City and you will be given your choice of one from the following cute pets:
Egbert's Egg
Elekk Training Collar
Sleepy Willy
Snail Shell

Complete Kekek's quests, then return the Wolvar Orphan to Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran. Upon completion of this quest, Curious Wolvar Pup will be mailed to you. Or complete Roo's quests, the return your Oracle Orphan to Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran. Upon completion of this quest, Curious Oracle Hatchling will be mailed to you.

Hail Tamarack! Amilliaera here, some of you may remember me when I was trying my hand at battling for Tamarack. I am a human paladin who found that she would rather live here within the sanctuary of Stormwind rather than traveling the worlds of Azaroth slaying monsters and gathering loots. As Geffy has gone in search of gossip from the new lands, I could not help but share the juicy information I have learned in my visits to the local inns. I hear many of the happenings within Tamarack Order and the Guild Mistress has bestowed upon me the privilege of keeping the members of Tamarack in the know. I know that many of you cannot always attend the Guild Meetings and are somewhat out of the loop. Maybe a World Event Achievement you have your sights locked in on, well is where I come in. I will give you all of the juicy gossip that I can get my hands on, and I will let you know of what World Events that are up and coming for those who are looking for achievements.

April 12, 2014
The first Guild Announcement that I have the pleasure of making, for those of you who were not able to attend, Seellinaera and Lotherin have finally given their souls to one another in a beautiful ceremony conducted in secluded area of Mount Hyjal. I did not attend myself but I hear from the Bride that it was a beautiful ceremony! When you see them in your travels, do not forget to congratulate them on a long and happy life together. They are truly a couple who fight together for the greater good of Tamarack.

The World Event coming up is Noble Gardens, which runs from April 21, 2014 through April 28, 2014. If you are looking for the achievement here is what you need to do:

I Found One Find brightly colored eggs
You will need ALOT of bag space for this one! Eggs can be found in the following locations, in and under carts, inside bushes, fountains (Azure Watch) benches, windowsills, behind buildings, in planters, under torches, on top of lampposts, next to steps, under tables, in open crates. The best towns for this are Azure Watch and Goldshire for Alliance. From what I understand, Dolanaar is only best for Spring Fling.

Chocolate Lover Eat 25 noble garden chocolates during event week.
These come from opening Brightly Colored Eggs. Make sure you eat at least 25 of these. Not all at once though, or you might get sick!

Sunday’s Finest Discover white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo pants by opening bright colored eggs during noble gardens festival.
It is my understanding that these items can be looted from the Brightly Colored Eggs as well. Hence the reason for LOTS of bag space.

Dressed for the Occasion Discover an elegant dress by opening eggs during the festival.
Also looted from Brightly Colored Eggs!

Hard Boiled Lay an egg as a rabbit in Ungard Crater’s Golakka.
With any luck you will get the Noblegarden Bunny buff from the Brightly Colored Eggs. Not sure how you are going to lay an egg though...hey I can’t give you all of the answers :)

Spring Fling Find a pet spring rabbit in each of the following cities, Azure Watch, Kharanos, Dolanar, Goldshire.
You must find your Spring Rabbit pet another one to love in each of the towns listed above. Good Luck!

Noble Gardens Hide an egg in Stormwind.
Pretty self explanatory here I think.

Shake your Bunny Maker Use flowers to place rabbit ears on females of at least level 18.
Can be older than 18 but must be at least 18!

Desert Rose Use Spring robes to plant a flower in each of the following desserts, Badlands, Silithus, 1000 Needles, Desolace, Tanaris.
These are also looted from Brightly Colored eggs, then you visit each of the deserts and plant the flowers.

Blushing Bride Kiss someone wearing an elegant dress while wearing a white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo pants.
Once you loot the elegant dress, white tuxedo shirt and black tuxedo pants you can kiss anyone wearing the elegant dress. Not sure if they have to have looted the dress and be wearing the looted dress to complete this part of the achievement.

For all of your efforts are granted the title of “The Noble” and 10 Achievement points to boot.

For more information, visit the website http://www.wowhead.com

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of As The Tree Turns where we will have more information on the Children’s Week World Event.......


From the desk of Geffy, your home town gossip reporter - all the news that you want to know! The Tamarack Guild Hall is the oldest continually occupied hall in the metropolis of Stormwind, and its members are always newsworthy.

July 31 Edition
New Arrivals
Several new faces have been seen in the guild hall lately. A lovely young priestess from the countryside named Felyss has graced the front hall. This reporter noticed some moments of quiet speculation with a hint of sadness - a troubled past, perhaps?

Another mysterious female figure has appeared. Quick to offer a loan or sardonic advice, Zivia is never in the spotlight for long - just like the best stage performers, she leaves you wanting more. Rest assured this reporter will not rest until he discovers the story lurking in these shadows!

Love is in the Air!
Those in the know will be well aware that the guild mistress Ynari spent a large amount of time in discussions with that lovely Dranei priestess Kathryn, who has now been gone for quite some time. There have been tales of a picnic being canceled - is there trouble in paradise? Is Ynari pining for a lost love? Will there be a joyous reunion? Will Ynari follow through on her threats to improve the soundproofing in her office?

The young paladin from the hills has been spending more and more time with the guild scamp, Song. Meanwhile Luranilly is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps the young thief has been stealing more than coppers...

Noteworthy Happenings
Two of the Order's other paladins, Magnus and Krsron, recently traveled back to Northshire Abbey. Magnus later returned on his own. What training could Krsron be pursuing? Was he recalled in scandal? Was it a crisis of faith? The younger soldier of the Light has spent some time recently in the company of Song - has he been involved in illicit actions? No worries, faithful readers - your loyal reporter will ferret out all the details!

The eminently respectable Celadrithien has taken a dashing young gnome named Tizer under her tutelage. Discussions of a scientific nature as well as explosions of a disappointingly small size have been escaping from under the door in her lab. Perhaps gunpowder is not the only thing igniting in the romantic confines of the workshop?

Speaking of laboratories, Rakasch has been seen moving boxes, jars and unidentifiable objects into Baralis' old lab. Will there be a return of late night screams, strange smells and odd movements? Thoughts of the unsavory acts that may be committed here keep this reporter shivering in his shoes. Rest assured that developments in this story will be updated as frequently as possible!

August 5th, 2008
From the desk of Geffy, your hometown Gossip Goblin.

New Arrivals
Zalathor, the delightfully ancient grandfather of Shandryl has recently moved into the guild house. He brings a constant supply of grandfatherly advice, sandwiches and thumps with his cane. These old ones are always great for stories and gossip - this reporter will do his best to dig up gossip both old and fresh!

Love is in the Air!
The Lady Kathryn has returned, and was joyously welcomed by Guild mistress Ynari. The two of them quickly disappeared upstairs afterwards. Was it a quick conference to share notes or bedsheets? Were plans being laid, or were other things? This goblin will work tirelessly to discover the truth behind the whispers, and the closed doors!

Noteworthy Happenings
As was noted last week, Rakasch has taken over an old laboratory in the basement. A note has been affixed to the door and reads as such: "The following screams and/or cries for help are not necessarily the view of the Tamarack Order or any would be warlock in action...any connection to loved ones either living or dead is purely coincidence and not the responsibility of said warlock." Deliciously chilling, isn't it?

Later the next day, Rakasch asked Stoklos for a tiny favor, just a bit of his breath, captured in a jar. The roguish young Songdog bravely protected him, although of course the burly young man didn't need her protection and promised to incarcerate her voidwalker if she approached him again. Is he taking a strong stance for Song, or does he protest too much? Perhaps not all the cries from behind that door are of pain!

Last week this reporter implied that young Tizer may be chasing the powerful Celadrithien. This week, the tables were turned as the warlock sought out the company of the young rogue. Some members may claim to have heard anger in her voice and rumblings of a broken piece of equipment, but anger and passion are easily mistaken. Meanwhile, in an effort to play hard-to-get, Tizer quickly retired to a bedroom with Songdog - the guildmistress's bedroom, if rumors can be believed! If only that bed could talk! Any mages with an appropriate spell can reach me via the goblin postal service.

**this section has been crossed out by hand, but is still legible** Magnus and Ahke were seen quarreling recently. Are the egos of two of the Order's most prominent defenders clashing? Is the quarrel founded in the desire to be the best, or in other desires? **hand written in the margins** This reporter has been assured that while confession is good for the soul, it is carried out by Priests, not Paladins. Paladins provide Absolution, Penance and Cleansing and as such, rest assured that this reporter is not insinuating that one of the Order's most beloved paladins is doing anything untoward.

Krsron has returned from his sojourn at the Northshire Abbey, dare one say refreshed, relaxed and ready to return to the front of battle? A new assignment has lead him to Zangarmarsh, where he will lead the fight against the vicious beasts of the marsh. In an effort to save the soul of a rogue, he was overheard inviting Songdog to a church service. Will she accept? Will she see the error of her ways? Will she stop being a paid informant to this reporter? All these questions and more may be answered next week - remember to buy Stormwind's premier gossip sheet for only 30 coppers!

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